Act As If

This entry is an act of defiance.

The voice in my head tells me that no one needs another email, that I’m just some dude in a small town and hey, who really gives a shit what I have to say?  If I really mattered, if my words carried any weight, wouldn’t I have been scooped up by the Department of Important People by now?

That’s impostor syndrome for you.  It’s a killer.  Followed to its end, it would prevent us all from doing much more than breathing. We certainly wouldn’t try.  

When the voice gets too loud, when I start worrying about even putting the key into the lock that opens my gym for business, I do two things.  One is easy, the other a bit harder, but just as worthwhile:

First, I tune out negative thoughts and negative people.  I get religion about it and I say that I’m not doing this todaaaaay.  (Thanks Whitney.)  Social media goes bye bye for a bit and I go play with my dog.

Second, I act as if.  What if I were, like, the most successful gym owner/writer/weightlifter/whatever in the world and was about to do the thing that’s spooking me now?

I act as if and I dare to be myself. I dare to try.  I dare to maybe, just possibly, succeed.  As if I were already a success.

Whatever’s getting in your way?  Act as if.  You might already be the person you think you’re supposed to become.

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