Back To The Future

We’ve just been through the Back to the Future suite of movies again, and I’m happy to report they’re as delightful today as they were in the 1980s.

I remember seeing the first one in the theatre a month or two after it had come out, and to this day the scene where Marty’s playing “Earth Angel” while his hand begins to disappear is the one for me. There’s something almost alien about that bit: a guy watching his parents, who may or may not get together that night, and holding his hand up in space and time…maybe for the last time. What’s George going to do?

Today, right now, here in 2020, we can hardly be blamed for experiencing our own everyday decisions under the klieg light of an oncoming tomorrow. Simple considerations like when or how often to go the grocery store have taken on what feels like extraordinary significance.

And that’s not going away anytime soon.

Under these circumstances, it would be pretty easy to lose sight of the magic we can make in our own lives by just showing up.

Not by making the perfect decision, but by taking one step forward.

Going for a walk for twenty minutes when it’s sunny instead of hitting 10,000 steps.

Watching TV with your family instead of finding the right show.

Getting to the gym instead of beating your own record.

Having a warm, healthy meal instead of hitting your macros on the nose.

And if we’re going back to the future, let’s think of it like this: what does the book look like in five years if you show up like this most every day?

Small steps. Good steps. One at a time.

Some may take you off course, but most probably won’t.

And that’s a future you’ll look back on with pride.

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