Be Great

We lift weights for a ton of reasons.  (Get it?!?!)  You know and probably consider a bunch of these reasons regularly: improved strength and conditioning, better body composition, architectural changes in bone density.

Here’s one we don’t mention too often, maybe because we’re shy: it’s fucking great.  It is great in the truest sense of the word.  Picking up a bar from the ground and hoisting it overhead in one or two steps is a very real echo of greatnesses past and future–Atlas with the world on his shoulders, the Tower of Babel arcing into the heavens, Giza and its mystery (how did they get all that all the way up there?).  There is something primal and beautiful available to us every single time we touch a barbell.  If we think about this all the time, yeah, we should probably calm down–it’s also training and a wonderful drudgery.  But greatness…this is worth mentioning every now and again.  It is worth thinking about.  It is worth aiming at.

So tomorrow (5 barbell complexes@8 reps, Prowlers, sprints, weighted situps)…grab the bar and be great.  Ground to overhead.

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