Busy Time

Certainly, the holiday season can be pretty hectic.  We’ll leave it at that, then follow with a mention that we have agency in writing our own stories.  Want to keep your head above water?  Here are some simple steps you can take over the next few months to stay the course:

1. Water.  Make sure you are well-hydrated.  I don’t know why this is–though I have my suspicions–but when an athlete tells me she’s been getting her eight glasses of water in, the rest of the pieces are generally falling into place.  Grab a nice big water bottle and fill it several times a day, starting with a big gulp first thing in the morning.|

2. Food.  Chill.  You don’t need to subject yourself to all the should I or shouldn’t I’s.  There are no right or wrong answers here.  Some folks love indulging during the holiday season, and some folks feel good taking a more moderate approach.  Our best advice here: be intentional.  Have a plan (which may include going off-plan) and stick to it as best you can.  This is worth some forethought, but one additional thing does bear mentioning–get your protein.  You lift weights, so you need protein.  3 solid servings a day.

3. Workouts.  I like weekly and monthly approaches here.  Shooting for particular days may be a bit dicey (here’s where I sneak in the advice to *stay home!!!* if your breath after last night’s party is a fire hazard in the morning), but giving yourself a range of workouts you’d like to hit during a week or the month should be a lot more winnable.  Get your 2-3 a week in, get your 8-12 a month in; keep going, keep swimming.  It’s not unusual for members to have absolutely outstanding months of training when a mentality like this is adopted.

That’s a start…get with your coach and make a plan!

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