Clear Eyes Full Heart

Last night I watched an athlete grind through a 4th rep on his last set of squats.  It was hard, but he had good spotters and guts so it was never really in doubt.  I think he learned something about himself on that 4th rep.

There’s a 4th rep for everyone if you’re looking with clear eyes.  Maybe your fourth rep is the morning you don’t hit snooze and head in to an early class instead.  Maybe it’s adding 5 lbs to the bar during a conditioner, knowing that will add a few seconds to your time.

Could be taking a walk over to a different platform to work with a new athlete.  Hey, you’re pretty encouraging when you give that a shot.

Sometimes it’s just smiling and lifting when it feels like everything is conspiring against.  Look out for that 4th rep.  Clear eyes, full heart–just like the old tv show.

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