CrossFit Woodshed Summer Kids Program

For your middle and high school students this summer–Weekdays from June 29-August 21, we will be open from 8-11 AM for the fourth year of our Summer Kids Program. Cost will be $135 if registered and paid by May 31, and this will include an introductory session in which we assess and program a workout template (bodyweight and calisthenics, kettlebells, dumbells) to be used by your student for the summer program. This is an unlimited usage program–kids can come in every weekday during those hours if they like to workout under the guidance of one or more of our CrossFit certified trainers. Best practice would be at least 3 days/wk. We expect noticeable strength, mobility, and endurance increases over the course of the summer.  The workouts will be challenging, fun, and safe!For your younger kids, we will be continuing our CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 classes with Miss Amanda every Friday during that 8 week period (beginning Friday, July 3).  The older kids (ages 6-11ish) will meet Fridays from 3-3:45 and the younger (ages 3-6ish) Fridays from 3:45-4:15.  The standalone cost of that program will be $100 if registered and paid by May 31.If you have any questions on which program would be best for your students, please feel free to ask!  There is definitely some grey area with the late elementary/early ms kids, and we’re happy to put our heads together and figure out what makes the most sense.Click HERE to fill out our intro form and register your student for a great summer at CrossFit Woodshed!

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