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Okay, so…morning class changeover has been a great success and was helped in large part by the feedback I got from y’all, for which many thanks.

So let’s try this again.    Need/would love some feedback on the following with regard to June:

1) Evening classes.  We’ve accomplished our goal of getting more people out in the evenings BUT it seems like we’ve just shifted attendance to the 6 PM.  7 PM has been very sparse most evenings, sometimes only single attendance.  If we tried a 6 or a 6:30 PM in June, would all you evening folks be able to keep up (or even increase) your current level of attendance?

2) Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Moving Tues to Olympic lifting/Open and Thurs to CrossFit conditioning hasn’t really increased attendance–so at this point we’re underserving the folks who have customarily used Thursdays to make up workouts.  For you folks who are interested in the longer bodyweight conditioning/CF benchmarks we’ve been programming on Thursdays, would you continue to attend and perform the week’s prescribed longer/CF metcon if we returned Thursdays to open gym time?  (Keep in mind that your trainer would be happy to run the clock, yell, form correct, etc.)

3) Weekends.  Well, Sunday really.  Sunday mornings (for both yoga and open gym) have been pretty barren for about a month (open gym empty for the last 3 weeks).  I suspect this is largely a function of the weather and season.  I know tons of us have races, activities, biking, etc. we do on Sundays…I’d like to try making yoga appointment-only and putting Sunday open gym on hold for June, if not July and August as well.  But just out of curiosity, are there handfuls of you who haven’t been using Sunday open gym who’d return to it as a regular thing sometime this summer?  On a related note, how can we make it easier for folks who want to connect with each other to do stuff together on the weekends to make that happen?  I know not everyone uses Facebook…maybe devote one of our whiteboards for a weekend meetup type of thing?

4) Murph.  Show of hands for folks who are planning on doing this WOD, next Monday (Memorial Day) at 10 AM, please.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!!!

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