Field For Our Outdoor Workouts

Coach Lynne took this picture from her helicopter the other day. (Charge your phone Lynne!)
We will be using the field right up against the security gate.

When you arrive for class, please park your car in a line on the Big Field itself. Your coach will have taken the slot closest to the security fence. Make sure you are parked all the way on the grass–this is a live parking lot.

Exit your car wearing your mask and bringing whatever equipment you’ve brought, head to a cone or a white mark on the field for your spot, and then take the mask off and get ready to work!

When we’re done with the workout, please put your mask back on and head back to your car.

NOTE: We are asking folks to wear masks to and from their cars to their spot because we are required to do so when we aren’t able to be 6 feet away from each other. Our coaches will also have masks and will put them up any time they are within 6 feet of any of you as well. Thank you for understanding that this is part and parcel of running a group class right now. We can’t wait to see you!

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