Friday, February 17, 2017

Warmup (10 min): Trainer’s Choice
Strength/Compensatory Acceleration (20 min): Deadlift
Warmup set at 40-50%, then 5 sets of 5 at 60-65%
*reps should be crisp, powerful; no more than 2 min between sets
* Level 1 5×5
Complex/Anaerobic Conditioning (30 min): 3 Rounds of
Barbell Complex: Deadlift, Row, Hang Clean, Push Press, Back Squat, 8 reps of each
*Level 1: DBs, Level 2: 75/45, Rx: 95/65 w/12 reps of each
Row or Bike 1 min @hard pace
Rest 2-3 minutes


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