Friday, January 13, 2017

Warmup (10 min): PVC Barbell Complexes
Deadlift, Row, Hang Power Clean, Overhead Press, Front/Back Squat, RDL/Goodmorning
Strength Endurance/A&A Conditioning (45 min): 4-6 rounds of:
1) Deadlift
2) Row
3) Clean
4) Overhead Press
5) Front or Back Squat
6) RDL (if front squat) or Goodmorning (if back squat)
7) Row 500m or Bike 2 min
Rest until wind is back
Level 1: 5 reps of each movement, use dbs if necessary; Row or Bike
Level 2: 8-12 reps of each movement, weight 55-75/33-45
Rx: 8-12 reps of each movement, weight 95-115/65-75
Cashout (5 min): 4 rounds tabata mountain climbers

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