Getting In Shape To Go To The Gym

So…you’ve made the decision to start “going to the gym,” or perhaps to “start working out again.”

We don’t put those phrases in quotes to be cute or sarcastic, by the way. We’ve done close to a thousand introductory conversations at Woodshed, and almost everyone phrases their initial decision in one of those two ways. It’s how we talk to ourselves about getting into exercise–for the first time, or the first time in a long time.

Back to you. You’re ready to start something new, but you’re bumping against one particular roadblock, and it’s really getting in the way:

You think you need to get into better shape before you’re permitted entrance into an exercise facility.

And this is exactly what’s keeping you from getting wherever it is that you want to go.

We could use a ton of straight-shooting plain talk here, write things like “no one expected Da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa when he was twelve years old, come on let’s go!” but we’ve always found that misses the mark. You already get that.

What you might not understand is that we view that first bit of ‘getting into shape’ as the exact series of moments when you may need us the most. We view ourselves as the steady hand at your side as you’re learning how to ride a bike.

You’re going to be sore and discouraged. We’re here to tell you why this happens, and that it’s going to get better as soon as you start moving again.

You’re going to want to stop, or hold off, or say you’re not good enough to keep going. We’re here to tell you nearly everyone feels this way, and that it’s okay to just show up and be ‘good enough’ for just that day.

You’re going to be confused. Where are we going? We’re here to show you the course and to gently ensure that you keep riding between the yellow lines on your way to the first signpost.

Back to the idea of getting in shape in order to exercise better or harder: all of these frustrations, fears, questions–these are normal parts of your first few months on a new exercise program. There aren’t really any detours and you have to go through the weeds a little bit to get to your first clearing.

In our experience, coaching expedites this process. Good coaches have walked the path ahead of you many times and have cleared the way so you can keep going. Good coaches are time savers and solid investments. Good coaches make that first hard part possible. Good coaches get you there.

Great coaches have walked the path ahead of you many times, have cleared the way so you can keep going, and stand beside you every step of the way with an eye on the horizon. Great coaches get you to that first clearing, take stock, then show you the next clearing and describe how you’re going to get there together. Great coaches do this over and over again. The journey doesn’t stop once the first hurdle’s been cleared, after all.

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