Gold Soundz

Sunday, September 13–Conditioning Class @8 AM
“Light Gone Bad”–3 rounds of 1 minute stations (1 min rest btw rounds)
Wallballs (20/14)
KB Swings (53/35)
Push Press (75/55)

Monday, September 14
Skill (15 min): Box Squat
Strength/Movement (20-25 min): Squat, work to 3 sets of 8
Feel the weight out, should be light enough to do for sets of 10-12
Conditioning (15 min): 10-1 ladder
KB Swings, Pushups, Situps

Tuesday, September 15
Skill & Practice (20 min): Power Clean
Mini-Complex (10 min): 5 min on the min
:00s, 2 press, 2 push press (moderate weight, no missed reps)
:30s, 1 squat, 2 goodmornings, 1 squat (use press weight)
Conditioning (20 min): 3 or 4 rounds of
200m run or 250m row
15 ring rows
20 kb swings
25 mountain climbers (1-2-3-1)

Wednesday, September 16
Strength (30 min): Paused Bench Press w/Fat Grips or Thick Bar, Floor Press w/Stubby Axle, 10 sets of 3
OR Push Press, 10 sets of 3
Weight should be fast, speedy, 50-60%ish
Conditioning (10 min): 7 min AMRAP
15 goblet squats, 30 one-arm KB rows (10/arm), 60 single unders

Thursday, September 17
Skill/Practice (20 min): Light Barbell Complexes
Roadwork/Aerobic Conditioning (30 min): Rounds of
Prowler Push or Sled Drag
90 seconds bike or row
5-1 Ladder Pushups, Situps, Squats
10 stepups/leg (unweighted)
10 barbell rows

Friday, September 18
Skill/Strength (35 min): Deadlift 15-25 light, perfect singles
*Between reps roll out lower body
Conditioning (15 min): “Chicago Transit Authority”
25 mini-bear complexes–Deadlift, Power Clean, Barbell Row, Hang Clean, Push Press (75-95/45-65)
6 prowler pushes
2 sled drags
4 minutes rower


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