Goody Proctor, The Crucible, and a Deload Week

More weight, said Silas Marner.  Sorry mate, not this week…deload time baby.

Going to try a new format for these posts:

Strength work this week: Squat, Bench/Press/Push Press, Deadlift
1 warmup set then 3 sets of 5 at 50-60%.  Deadlift will be part of a giant circuit we’ll put up on Fri.

Testing out 2 benchmarks for conditioning, in order:
1) “Sparky’s Dream”–For time (12-15 min cap)
Four-Seven rounds of
10 two handed kb swing
5 one handed kb clean & press, each arm
10 situp w/twist to each side (elbows touching knees)
5 one handed kb swing, each arm

2) “Gene Clark”–For time
KB Swings (53/35)
Single Unders

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