Today’s blog was going to be a little bit different, but when you get great news you share it right away: here in Massachusetts gyms just received the green light to reopen for groups of 40% capacity beginning next week.

We’ve been cooling our heels on the sidelines for a little bit here in the Commonwealth but guess what? We’re ready to rock and roll.

Because we already provide small group and 1-1 training. have a 5000+ square foot facility, and have amazing coaches who run professional training sessions, meeting the capacity and distance requirements will be no problem for us.

We were one of the first gyms in our area to proactively close before the Governor mandated, and we will likely be a day or two pokier than many around us because we want to ensure we have every single protocol in place to succeed, but we’ve been prepping for this since we shut down. Now we put the final pieces into place.

Time to get to work!

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