I’ll Start Tomorrow

I am writing this at 9:30 PM because I have done this a milion times. I’ll start tomorrow.

Most coaches won’t go deep with you on this. They hear those words and they launch into diatribes about procrastination, work ethic, and the finite nature of our time on this mortal coil. Okay maybe just the first two.

But I don’t think wanting to start tomorrow means you’re lazy, or afraid to put in some work, or full of excuses.

I think it means you dream really big. Tomorrow’s plan is golden, shimmering, unsullied by setbacks. It is who you could become.

Tomorrow is the red notification number on your Facebook feed. It’s a package from an old friend that you weren’t expecting. It’s at the end of every infomercial. It’s what you dream about right before you fall asleep.

Tomorrow is possibility.

Which just leaves one question.

When tomorrow morning comes, what are you going to do with today?

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