In the Court of the Crimson King

Warmup (15 min): Clamshells, Romanian Deadlifts

Strength (40 min): Deadlifts
Men work to 60, 68, 77% x 5
Women work to 65% x 5 x3, 75% x 3-7
First month work to 10 warmup reps, 5-8 work reps

Assistance (Pullup Project–Btw Sets):
Grip: Do one of your deadlift sets to 10-15 reps
Ab Work: Hollow Rocks, 5-8 btw each 2 deadlift sets
Upper Back: Ring Rows, Feet up on Bench/Sandbags, 5-8 reps btw sets

Conditioning (Btw Sets at Some Point):
400m walk with weighted vest

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