Is This You?

Is this you?

You know how you want to feel when you work out. You know the numbers you want to see in your training log. You know what you want it to feel like on Friday after your third workout of the week.

You don’t need someone to help you figure out what you want. You KNOW. it’s a feeling. It’s a number. It’s a way of being in the world because of your workouts.

But maybe you’re experiencing some frustration. You feel great during your workouts, but you’re missing some because you’re too sore. You’re putting in a ton of effort, but the weight on the barbell isn’t going up or your times on the course aren’t going down. You love working out, you love hard work, but you don’t feel the way you want to feel anymore.

Is this you too?

We can help. That’s what coaches do. You tell us how you want to feel and we take two steps back to see the bigger picture, assess, and come up with the right delivery methods.

Sometimes that means you get the green beans of some programmed recovery work instead of the apple cobbler of another workout. Then again, sometimes you get hot sauce instead of honey when the time is right.

You want to feel the way you want to feel but you’re having trouble right now.

Is this you?

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