It’s Just Different In The Gym

My wife went to one of our small group sessions today–her first back since we reopened. She had a blast, got great coaching (and worked out with some of our other coaches, which is always fun), and when she got home and I asked her how things went, she said what she usually says in situations like this:

“It was awesome…you know, I’ve been doing the workouts at home this whole time but somehow it’s just better in the gym. It’s just different.”

If you are nodding your head, you get it. For many of us, training at home can yield good results while still feeling a little hit-or-miss.

Maybe it’s that we don’t have a tribe cheering us on at home.

Maybe it’s that others working nearby help us to work harder.

Maybe it’s using different equipment, in a different spot, at a time of someone else’s choosing.

Whatever it is, it’s something. We hear this all the time.

It’s just different in the gym.

What do you think?

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