It’s Not You, It’s Me

Every now and again someone will tell me, usually in a worried tone, that they’re sure I meant yesterday’s blog entry for them.  Not my style AT ALL–if there’s something individual, I address it individually, either in private or directly.  If, however, I think there’s something several folks are doing/not doing/should be doing/shouldn’t be doing, especially if I think folks from other gyms or simply athletes at large could benefit from hearing the message, I’ll post something here.  So please don’t feel singled out.

On that note…I’d like you all to consider that in almost every class we host, there’s someone in the group who’s had to take a leap of faith or otherwise struggle pretty hard to get here.  It may be a first class, they may already be dreading the workout, or they may simply be pretty unsure of themselves.  Walking into the room, looking at the whiteboard, and loudly exclaiming how much the workout is going to suck or how unfair it is that I did not program the training for our entire membership with your specific week’s task list in mind does not make our training easier for these folks.  I don’t begrudge you those thoughts, but I’d love it if you’d just grab me a little more quietly in those situations or at the very least that you consider newer and less sure ears as you handle your business.  We’ve all been where they are and it’s not an easy spot to be.  Thanks for thinking about this as you get ready to hit your week.

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