Jane of the Waking Universe

Big week this week…doing some testing for our summer cycles.  I am really excited about this!
Here’s what we need from you over the course of the week:

Strength benchmarks
1) 8 rep max on your squat (Doing 7 or 8 ascending sets of 8 during strength work on Monday would be a great way to get at this)
2) 8 rep max on your bench press and 4 rep max on your overhead press (This could be done Wednesday, pressing for 4 rep on your way up to bench)
3) 5 rep max on your deadlift (Friday is the perfect day for this)

Assistance work
1) Do some easy sets of 8 on your barbell rows, 15 on your kb swing, and roll out your upper back and legs

Conditioning benchmarks
1) 10-1 Goblet Squat and KB Swing Ladder–squats must be below parallel and swings to waist level with knees locked out
2) “James Paul”: 3 rounds of 30 db snatch, 100 jumpropes, 15 burpees
3) 17 Deficit Kudo Roll Snatches for time (this would be perfect for Tuesday)

Two more things:
1) Would love to see bunches of you on Tuesday and Thursday to work your power clean and overhead in anticipation of Grace on Saturday.
2) Reminder that we will *not* be having regular classes on Saturday, April 5 as we host our “Grace” fundraiser, but we will be hosting a special yoga class on Sunday, April 6 from 10-11:15.

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