Kentucky Fried Beginner’s Mind

Got your attention, didn’t I?

As I am fond of telling everyone within earshot, I enjoy professional wrestling.  Grew up on it, never strayed too far from it, and also am still capable of forming complete sentences.  Sometimes too many at once, actually.

The other night, I caught a few pictures of the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair dressed as KFC’s Colonel Sanders.  We could go in so many different directions here, so I’ll pick one: Naitch, who looks every bit his 68 years in a three-piece suit, looked positively YOUNG out there dressed like the Colonel.

This is something I’ve noticed often, and not just within the worlds of poultry and professional chicanery: take an aging athlete or actor, for instance, and put them in an older cohort or different setting and all of the sudden the years vanish.

Maybe it’s science, maybe it’s sleight of hand, but I’ve noticed this in the gym as well.  Folks come in complaining of creaky joints and tired brains and within a week or two they look and sound like their younger siblings.  I could say it’s the workouts and our amazing coaching but…yeah, we’re not that fast-acting.  It’s far more likely that there is a kind of magic to the newness of it all.

The beauty of the kind of beginner’s mind that our newer athletes inhabit as they learn to squat, push, and pull lies in its nearness.  Changing the time you train, the shoes you wear, the music you listen to on the way to the gym–all of these things can create reasonable facsimilies of those magic first few weeks in a new gym.  Be relentless in your search for the new.  After all, you probably need to break a few eggs to find your Colonel Sanders suit.

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