Maybe You Don’t Need A Gym

Gyms aren’t for everyone. I know, this is an odd beginning for a blog you’re reading on a gym’s website, but take this walk with me.

Some folks do better on their own. And I’m not just talking about the self-motivated, the super disciplined, and all the other type A’s you might imagine comprise this proud company.

I’m talking about the folks who view their exercise time as something private, something to be protected, something almost sacrosanct. Not because of their results, necessarily, but because of the way working out makes them feel.

I’m talking about the folks who have trouble squeezing in twenty minutes a day for themselves, much less an hour-long session. That twenty minutes is all they’ve got, and they’re not latching it onto a fifteen minute commute both ways.

And of course I’m talking about that big hairy elephant in the room–first name Covid, last name 19. Some folks just aren’t ready to get into or come back to a gym right now. While we’re going to great pains to keep our facility clean, safe, and ready for 1-1 and, eventually, small group sessions, we understand that some folks out there just aren’t feeling the indoor vibe yet.

Our coaches and I love our gym and we love the people who love our gym, but we also understand that in-person training isn’t for everyone right now. And for some folks, it might never be the best choice.

if that’s you, maybe you don’t need a gym right now.

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