Member Monday: Alison K

For those of you who don’t know, this is Alison Kaiser.  (She is also deadlifting at a 9:30 class in this photo.)  Alison is my business partner and our business manager, and as the gym has grown from 40 or so folks to the 100+ adult and 20-30 kid juggernaut it is today, Alison has been an invaluable help and does a wonderful job welcoming new folks into the fold.  Being able to focus on training and customer service…that has been huge.

Thank you, Alison!webDSC_6955_edited-1  You are awesome and play a big part in making this place great.

Now…we do need to talk about the lack of eye contact, which is characteristic of an AK deadlift.  It is as though she is ignoring the photographer, who is right there and probably only trying to help!  We will have to work on that…

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