Member Monday: Brian L


Today we want to celebrate (and welcome back!) Brian L.  Brian is an awesome dude who regularly hits up our noon class–he is consistent, considerate, and takes the long view.

One of the things we hear pretty often about CrossFit is the perception that we are all a bunch of lunatics who live to scream, slam weights with abandon, and post thirty thousand pictures of ourselves at every juncture of our workouts.  It may be like that in other places (or it may not), but Brian is exactly representative of our group here at Woodshed.  He is a normal dude, and I mean that in every single best sense of the word: works hard, cares about his progress, but has fun and sees the bigger picture.

Look at that smile!  Who wouldn’t want to work out with Brian?  Thanks for always training hard and with kindness, my man.  We’re glad to have you back!

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