Member Monday: I Almost Wrote Amy D

From the Wikipedia entry for Sisu, “a Finnish word generally meaning determination”…

“”Having guts” is a fairly literal translation, as the word derives from sisus, which means something inner or interior. One closely related concept to Sisu is grit; which shares some its denoting elements with Sisu.”

We’ve known Amy F. since she was Amy D.  I love the composition of this picture: Amy finishing a pull in her Sisu shirt while the Champ stands sentry in the background.  That’s pretty cool.

AmyF 100614


Amy is one of the most determined athletes I have ever met.  When she puts her mind to something, she gives over to it 100% and blows the doors out.  She is also remarkably intuitive and perceptive.  More than a few times I’ve heard her giving someone a small bit of advice that hit the mark perfectly.

It was my pleasure to help with her training for this last meet, as it was with so many of you.  Whatever you hit, however you finished–you all ran with determination and grit, and that is something that will last forever.  Long after whatever number recedes, remember that you set out to do something, you gave your training over to it, and you triumphed by seeing that process through.

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