Member Monday: Kaz


Sometimes, there’s a man.  A man for all seasons.  A man who is excited to work out with his friends, cheer them on, and be cheered himself.  A strong man.  Yep, there’s a man.  You might even call him a dude.  Or a bro.  Or a dude-bro.

However you know him–by Jon, by Kaz, or some derivation thereof–to know him is to love him.  Relentlessly positive, bulldog mentality, in class to work hard and have fun, Kaz is a fantastic representative of our gym and especially one of our core philosophies: we are here to make your lives happier and better.  I love seeing Kaz head through the door because I know we’re going to have a good class if he’s here.  Great dude, strong dude, fast dude.

Here’s to our friend and fellow athlete Kaz; long may you deadlift!

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