Member Monday: Kerri G

Our Member of the Week this week is…the inimitable Kerri G.  (Love that t-shirt!)

I’ll tell you a little story about Kerri, who I hold in very high esteem.  When she joined, I was not teaching the 9:30 classes at all, so I hadn’t gotten the chance to really get to know her.   She reached out to me and asked if we could sit down and talk for a half-hour one Saturday.  We didn’t speak about anything remarkable (other than ourselves, because we are remarkable people), but I thought that was one of the coolest things that had happened to me in a while, that someone thought enough of what we were doing to want to take a few minutes for us to get to know each other.

Another thing I prize about Kerri: she does what we do really well.  And that is…at the end of the day, we’d like to think that we are more than just a CrossFit gym, or a strength and conditioning gym; we want to be a place where we help you figure out how to do this stuff for the rest of your life.  And by ‘this stuff,’ we mean ‘YOU.’  YOU getting stronger, faster, moving better, living better.  By any means necessary.  I love hearing Kerri talk about her hotel workouts, making the best out of situations, and moving forward with every session.  I hope she stays here forever, of course, but I know she will work hard wherever she is, and that she will ‘do Kerri’ with a smile and a song. We love having you here, my friend!

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