Member Monday: The Kids!!

This week’s Member Monday is a special one, because we’re here to celebrate the kids we are privileged to train: preschool, elementary, middle and high schoolers!

This picture in particular models two of our core principles–for kids…AND adults, for that matter.
1) FUN!  We want our kids to enjoy themselves while being challenged and, ultimately, set up to succeed.  We see our CF Kids’ instructor Amanda leading the younger ones through some squat drills.  We know Amanda had some kind of awesome superhero cue to teach this movement, so even as we are asking these kids to learn how to keep their torsos still in space while dropping their hips (it’s not as easy as it sounds!), we’re giving them something fun to shoot for.  Are you doing your superhero work?  Great–you are having fun AND you are getting better.

2) ALWAYS HELP!  We can also see two of our high school members helping out with the kids’ class here.  What’s more awesome for a little one to see than a real-life role model right next to them doing the very same workout.  We believe that you learn when you teach and when you help, and this most certainly extends to working with kids.  If you can explain and model a squat to a 4 year-old, you’ve simplified the movement to its essence and you can’t help but improve yourself.

We are happy to provide a safe, challenging space for the kids in our community to learn functional movement, proper form, and how to push themselves successfully under the watchful eyes of a trainer.  And we are rewarded by their kindness, their effort, and their successes…we love our kids and our kids program!

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