Member Monday: The Martin Family

Join us today in celebration of My Favorite Martin–actually three of them in this picture.  Peter and Barbara (center, center right) began with us several years ago and quickly became indispensable members of our community.  I count on them to be here several times a week, I lean on them for quiet support (or good advice) when I’m mulling a decision over, and I love their approach to our work here.  They attend to their workouts, always have an eye on a good class experience, and I love hearing them talk about the trips they take and ways in which they’re able to put their workouts here to good use.

I feel like I say this about so many folks here, but their continued presence here tells me that we are doing things right–it’s always a joy to see them in or out of class.

And Elliot on the left?  We don’t get to see him often enough but that is a fine young man.  Kind, polite, hardworking–everything you’d want in a kid you tried to demolish with the Prowler the first time you met him.  Glad you keep coming back, E–it’s always wonderful to see you as well!

I’ll end with the confession that sometimes I still, in my head, will say their last name like this:

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