Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016
Warmup (10 min): Shuttles
*Side Shuffle x 2-3
*Slingshot Walks (Forward/Backward)
Strength/Heavy Single (20 min): Squat
Work up to heavy single for day–shoot for 90% of recent max
Sugg rep scheme 50×5, 60×4, 70×3, 80×2, 90×1
Conditioning–Accumulation (20 min): 3-5 rounds of
10 barbell or db overhead press (sub floor press) @40% max
50m row
10 kb goodmorning
75m row
10 box jumps/stepups
100m row
Max KB swings 1 minute
***Score is total KB Swings
Mobility (10 min): Squat Stretch/Couch Stretch

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