Monday, January 23, 2017

Warmup (10 min): 2 rounds of
Squat 40% x 5, 10 situps, 10 broken table/side
Strength/Muscular Endurance (30 min): Rounds of
Squat 50% for 10 reps
Ring Rows, 8-15 reps
DB Bench or DB Press, 8-15 reps
Fire Hydrants, 15/side
Glute Bridges, 20 reps
Conditioning (15 min): EMOM 8 min
:00s 7 one-arm kb swings/side
:30s 3 reverse kb lunges/side, 7 pushups
Level 1: 7 two handed swings, 2 reverse kb lunges/side, :10 plank
Level 2: Reps as written, weight choice
Rx: Reps as written and full ROM, kb weight 53/35
Cashout (5 min): 2 min max burpees


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