Warmup (10 min):
Woodshed V 3.4 (That’s the # we’re going with)
Write names and weights up on the board

Strength (30 min): Squat
Men, deload to Empty x 5, 40%x5, 50% x 5 x 3
Women, deload to Empty x 5, 40% x 5, 50% x 5 x 3

Assistance (Btw Sets):
Grip & Upper Back: 4-7 sets of 3-7 negatives
Ab Hollow: Hollow Rocks, sets of 10

Conditioning (15 min): With partner, complete
1 mile run, 2000m row, or 10 min bike
100 Pushups
Roll out & Stretch (Use Rumble Roller or PVC) while partner works


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