Why Do We Never Get The Question

Owning a CrossFit gym can be a confounding endeavor, conversationally speaking.  This becomes especially apparent every January.

“Lots of new folks in the gym?”

Sometimes there are. And sometimes, like this year, there aren’t. But that’s okay.  We don’t view success through the prism of one or two weeks, and neither should you.

Here’s the question I’d rather answer: Is there lots of good energy in the gym?  And I’m happy to say that yes, there is.  We just finished up our annual Woodshed Cares event, raising over $3000 for a local first responder and his family.  We’re excited to get chopping on our Woodshed Open this week (more on that in a bit).  It got warm for a few days too!

Things are looking up.  And that’s what matters.

Because sometimes it’s not about what’s new…it’s about what’s good.  As we move into the deep seats of January, may you find the good in your own lives.  Good food, good friends, good workouts.

Stack up enough good days and pretty soon you’ll have yourself a good year.

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