On The Outside Looking In

Monday & Tuesday, Feb 3&4
Warmup (Mon)Breathing Work for Squat Attempts
Strength (Mon):Squat, work to heavy single (3+ months) or 5×5 and then slightly heavier triple (3 months and under)
7-10 sets total, use spotters on heavy attempts, drop 10% if you miss rep (Listen to trainers)
Task Work (Mon): Accumulate…
100 reps light upper back work (V. Light Barbell Rows, Ring Rows, Face Pulls)
75 reps hip work (Fire Hydrants, Hip Rotations)
Banded walks, side-to-side
Base Practice & Conditioning (Mon):
Dynamic Work: Animal Walks, Side Shuffles, Hops, Skips (2 lines, 5 minutes)
Conditioning: 3 rounds of
30 KB Swings, 30 crab kicks/leg, 30 situps
Strength Recovery & Assistance (Tues):5 rounds of…
5-10 Single-leg/Bulgarian squats (use bench)
5-10 single-leg glute bridges/side
5-10 inchworms
3-5 McGill crunches
5-10 goblet squats
Roll Out IT Bands, Piriformis
Roadwork/Circuit (Tues): 15-20 min of…
2 min row/bike OR 400m jog if weather is nice
3×10 jumping jacks, pushups, ring rows
2×10 broken table/side, kb swings
O-lifts (Tues):
1) Snatch to moderately heavy single, drop 10% to do singles or doubles from high hang
2) C&J 7×1, working to about 80%

Wednesday & Thursday, Feb 5&6:
Trainer-Led Warmup, getting those shoulders loosey-goosey
Practice, then Strength Endurance/Conditioning (Wed): Barbell Complexes
Practice DL, Row, HPC, Press, Squat, Good Morning
*Work with trainers on subs for movements, use press weight to dictate weight you use
Complete 5-6 complexes at 8-12 reps
Cooldown (Wed) Sets of
3-5 strong, long pulls on rower
Roll Out Upper Back/Lats/Glutes/Hams (Keep alternating btw parts)
Strength Recovery and Assistance (Thurs): 20 min
Easy doubles on squat, easy doubles on press, 10-15 KB swings between sets
Roadwork/Circuit (Thurs): 15-20 min
3-4 min bike/row OR 800m jog if weather is nice
Accumulate 50 KB Swings, 35 situps, 35 ring rows
:30 planks, :30 glute bridges
O-Lifts (Thurs):
1) Snatch 7×1 at 70-75%
2) Power Clean and Press, 4×3 to moderately heavy triple
3) 30 reps weighted ab work

Friday & Saturday, Feb 7&8
Warmup w/Piriformis Stretch and breathing work for deadlift set
Strength (Friday): Deadlift, work to heavy set of 5 (should be around 80ish%)
Task Work (Friday): Sets of
Farmer’s Bars/KBs (light and long)
Curls, 50-75 reps, light
DB Front Squats, sets of 2-5 (elbows high)
Base Practice & Conditioning (Friday):
Practice Goblet Squats & Pushups
Then Every Minute on the Minute for 10 min: 12-20 swings, 5-10 pushups
Strength Recovery & Assistance (Sat): 5 sets of
7 DB romanian deadlifts (light, get stretch)
7 DB Push Press (light)
11 KB Swings
11 fire hydrants
1 min bike
Roadwork/Circuit (Sat): 15-20 min of
2 min bike/row OR 400m jog
2 min alternate btw situps, pushups, squats, ring rows
:30-:45 plank
O-Lifts (Sat): Let’s try to work in groups of 2-3
1) Snatch, work to heavy single
2) C&J, same
3) Intertwixt: Work clean off blocks, singles/doubles–use weights that are easily transitioned from lifter to lifter

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