Opening Day

It’s like that Alanis Morissette song about all those seeming contradictions.

No, not THAT one. This is most certainly not like rain on our wedding day.

But we get to open up for group sessions tomorrow, about 120 days give or take several very long cleaning episodes after we shut down in March.

We’re excited, but we’re nervous.

We’re happy, but we’re cautious.

We’re going to push forward, but we’re going to be safe about it.

Where things aren’t ambiguous, however, is when it comes to readiness.

We are READY to see our people again, up close from 14 feet away. We are READY to deal out some great Woodshed workouts. We are READY to get back in person to coach, and strengthen, and listen, and be kind, and help.

This is for our people. Yeah, we’re ready. We missed you guys so much.

See you tomorrow.

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