Pat Benetar vs. Bill Belichick

Monday and Tuesday, March 17 & 18
Warmups (Mon & Tues):Trainer-led (5 min)
Strength (Mon):Deadlift, volume day (40 min)
Sets of 8–looking for 3/4 good sets of 8@60-70% with impeccable form. 50-65 total reps
Task Work (Mon):
1) Farmer’s Bars, 2) Half-Kneeling presses (db or kb), sets of 5/arm, 3) Russian Twists, 10
Base Practice and Conditioning (Mon):
KB Swings height check (sandbags or bench) then every min on the min for 7 min
10 goblets or 20 KB swings, 10 pushups or 15 situps, World’s Greatest Stretch for duration min
Strength Assistance & Recovery (Tues):5×12 of
RDL or Goat Bag Swing, Light DB Curls, DB Rows, Squats, Broken Tables
Circuit/Roadwork (Tues):15-20 min of
2-4 min jog/bike/row (get out for some runs if possible/it fits goals)
2×15 glute bridges, ball slams, kb around the world

Wednesday & Thursday, March 19 & 20
Warmups (Wed & Thurs):Trainer-led (10 min)
Circuit 1 (Wed):20-25 min
Bench doubles (solid plate math–bench w/peeps in your range)
Mini Complex: Power Clean, Overhead, Squat (2-4 reps/mvmt)@135/95/65/35
2×10 Pullaparts, Face Pulls, No Moneys
Circuit 2 (Wed):20-25 min
Bench doubles (solid plate math–bench w/peeps in your range)
Half-Kneeling Press, lighter weight, 7-10 reps/arm
Weighted Plank w/partner, :15-:30
Big pulls on rower, :15-:30
Strength Recovery & Assistance (Thurs):15-20 min of
10 reps PVC Dislocate, Press, Overhead Squat, 12 reps ring rows, broken table/leg, Mcgill/side
Roadwork/Circuit (Thurs):15-20 min of
1-3 min bike/jog/row (Get out and run if you can!)
3×10 DB press (light), KB Swings, Pushups

Friday & Saturday, March 21 & 22
Warmups (Fri & Sat):Trainer-led (10 min)
Strength (Fri):
Take 40 min to establish 3 rep max in squat. Use spotters and depth check. Keep reps below 30-35 total and take 3-4 minutes between sets
Task Work (Fri):
1) Roll Out Hams & Quads, 2) Banded Squats and Side Steps, 3) 10 KB Swings
Base Practice & Conditioning (10 min):
DB Clean & Press then
90 sec density work of DB Clean & Press, situps
Rest 2 min then 100 KB Swings, 50 goblet squats for time, broken up however.
Strength Recovery & Assistance (Sat):5×12
Swings, Squats, Med ball situps w/twist, Ring Rows, Glute bridges
Circuit Work(Sat):20 min
2-4 min bike/jog/row
1 sprint (lot or rower)
3×10 fire hydrants, broken tables/leg, supermen

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