Purpose and Pillars

Over the next several days I’m going to be sharing the foundations of our mission and community here at Woodshed. Today we’ll begin with our Purpose and Pillars–our purpose opens the door every morning, and our pillars light up the gym so we can get to work for our people.

Our Purpose
We help folks get stronger, feel better, and do more.

Our 3 Pillars
We honor the commitment every new athlete makes to themselves by showing up for their first days here.  We honor the commitment our existing members make daily when they show up for their workouts, themselves, and each other.  And we honor each other with our commitment to professional coaching, clarity, and kindness to each other and our members. We persist, and we succeed because we persist.

We are committed to the pursuit of strength in body, mind, and spirit.  We believe strength is chief among physical adaptations to the stress of an exercise program.  When you become stronger because of the work you do in the gym, you notice that many things become easier for you in your life outside of the gym.  We believe a stronger body facilitates a stronger mind and spirit. We believe strength shows up first and lasts longest.

We believe in the power of a gym culture to enrich the lives of its athletes and providers.  This culture is predicated upon respect of the individual, kindness in the collective, and collegiality in spirit.  We renew this culture daily by celebrating success, providing accountability in structure and interpersonally, and encouraging each other to press forward. 

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