Solving The Workout Puzzle

Everyone loves a good detective story.  And I mean everyone.

Open up your Netflix or Amazon, scroll right–dollars to doughnuts you’ll find a worthy whodunit on your first pass.  Sit back, settle in, enjoy!  Streaming is positively lousy with options these days.

For many of us, fitness can feel like THE big mystery we just can’t seem to solve.  We have most of the pieces.  The clues are out there, after all, but that’s actually part of the problem!  There are so many choices, so much back and forth online, and our busy schedules highlight the importance of making a decision while paradoxically making it so much harder to commit to one thing at a time…or to commit at all.

“I know what I should be doing, more or less, but I can’t seem to make it work,”

“I could lift, I could do cardio, I could run, but I’m not doing it–I need someone to tell me what to do.”

“I know if I leave it until tomorrow, I won’t get it done. Something always comes up.”

These are direct quotes from consultations we’ve had recently with prospective members at Woodshed.  The picture this paints is pretty clear to me: we aren’t clueless and we aren’t lost; we’ve just been orbiting around the same circles for too long without taking one first step.

We need a little help.  We’re at that moment in every good mystery where someone takes a step back, looks at the situation with a fresh pair of eyes, and says “a-ha!”

And that’s great news.  The clues are out there.  We just need a plan to get started.

At Woodshed, we start everyone with a free No-Sweat Intro.  We sit down together, look at the pieces of your workout puzzle, and then make one or two concrete recommendations for how we can get you going.

Because wherever you’ve been or whatever you’ve been doing, there’s always one A-Ha!  The clues are there.  You just might need a fresh pair of eyes.

If you’re stuck in your own workout puzzle, we’re here to help.  Click here to book your free intro and let’s get to work solving your mystery.

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