Summer 2021: Schedule and Signup

Class Schedule – 
Monday-Friday 7 AM, 12 PM, 5:30 PM
*Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays also have a 5:30 AM class.
Saturday 7 AM, 8 AM

NOTE: Monday and Tuesday’s workouts will be the same “Squat Plus Conditioning”, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s the same “Pressing Movement plus Conditioning”, and Friday’s and Saturday’s the same “Deadlifting Plus Conditioning”.  Please only sign up for one session in each of these three pairs of days and no more than 3 workouts each week. 

Attendance and Signup Procedures – 

  1. NOTE: Select the active plan to schedule a class–some plans are named Coaching, others Woodshed Unlimited Monthly, and others Woodshed Classic.  Only your active plan will show up on this app, so you are safe to click whatever plan name does show up. 
  2. You can only reserve within 7 days of a scheduled class time.
  3. You will be unable to reserve within 1 hour of a class starting.
  4. You may cancel your reservation within 2 hours of class starting without it being marked as an attended class
  5. Show up (five minutes early!), listen to your coaches, and have fun!

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