Technique Maxes Week

Orders of Business This Week:
1) Establish a technique max on your squat, press, bench, and deadlift.  Technique max is the uppermost weight which you can do with pristine, crisp form.  Squats must be below parallel, knees driven out, low back intact.  Presses are stiff-legged, low back intact.  Benches are done with butts and upper backs on the bench, and deadlifts are performed with no hitching, tight low backs, and full hip extension.  Some deviation will happen but these are the basic tenets here: we want to get at numbers that are repeatable every day in the gym.  Your absolute maxes in a competition or fight-or-flight setting would no doubt be higher.

2) Establish technique #s for the following assistance exercises:
DB Press, DB Bench Press, Barbell Row, Goblet Squat, Barbell Curls, DB Snatch, and KB swings (if you have them).  This # should represent a weight you can return to, time and time again, and bang out sets of 10 without even thinking twice.  Should not be as light as a feather but nearly so.

3) Conditioners to select from:
* “James Paul”: 3 rounds of 30 db snatches (15/arm), 12 burpees, 100 single unders
* 5 rounds: 10 squats, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 kb swings/goat bag swings
* “Ground and Pound”: 3 rounds of 10 2-plank pushups (hold top of pushup for 2 secs), 20 flutter kicks, 10 supermen, 400m jog

We will take the first 40 minutes of each class to work the strength and assistance info-gathering and the last 15 to provide for conditioning and/or stretching.  You are expected to note and manage all of your #s.

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