Tell Your Story

It was a pretty mundane moment.  One of our athletes was swinging a heavier kettlebell than the workout called for.  We were prioritizing speed that day, so I intended to let her know I thought she ought to drop down in weight.  But I didn’t.  I opened my mouth, and then thought better of it.

Back when we were Woodshed Fitness and hadn’t yet found an indoor location for our robust membership of five, one of the things we talked a lot about was telling your story through your training.  This can be pretty powerful stuff: changing your body, your mindset, the way you see yourself in the mirror, how you feel about your Capital-C-Capability, the odds of you living a longer life, and so on right down to the very, very elemental.  How do you sound when you breathe?  Is your heart beating fewer times per minute than it used to, working more efficiently to help you do whatever it is you want to do?  All that.  This whole thing–it is the story of you.   Of who you were, and who you are.  Of what you do, where you are going, and what you are holding back.

So I didn’t ask our athlete to drop her kettlebell down in weight.  Something stopped me, but I won’t decorate the moment in embellishment: it’s only now, thinking back on it and having been reminded of this watching someone else flip a tire today, that I consider possibility.  Perhaps that moment was a pivot in her story–the move from 26 to 35.  Perhaps she’d put a star next to it in her journal.  It was, at any rate, a movement from before to Now.  And that is pretty powerful stuff.  I will think of that possibility more and more as I watch and enjoy you all write your stories.

Have a great week…you will be in good hands.  Although she lifts a whole lot more than 35 lbs now, and her fellow trainer ought to be able to flip a tire with a deadlift that’s tripled in size since she started out.

So what’s your story?

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