The Call

Every week or ten days, I get The Call.

The person on the other end varies.

Sometimes it’s a parent who wants their kid to do better in sports.

Sometimes it’s a mom or a dad who wants to set a better example for their kids.

Sometimes it’s someone just like you or I. Sometimes it’s just someone who feels stuck and wants a sure, firm hand out of the ditch.

The callers vary, but The Call is always the same.

I need help. I can’t do this on my own.

I need a specific plan. I don’t want you to throw me in with everyone else and just hope what works for them works for me.

I need someone who is going to walk this path with me and see it through to completion. I need a coach, not an observer.

When you’re ready to make The Call, you’ll know.

And we always pick up.

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