The List

When we talk with someone who is interested in training with us, we consider that conversation a fact-finding mission of sorts:

  1. What can we help you with right now?
  2. How will we define success?
  3. What can you commit to doing?

Often enough as we listen to that first answer, a list emerges–I’d like to have more energy to play with my kids; I’d like my joints to stop hurting and to feel stronger; I’d like to feel the way I did five, ten years ago.

That these are not generally complex athletic aims does not minimize their importance. These are the ways, right now, that we’d like our lives to be different.

If we can make these improvements, our life changes. The things we do, the way we feel, day in and day out–that changes. And that starts with asking yourself: what do I want to do?

You’ve got a list. Write it down. And then? Take one step forward.

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