The Weekend

For zee weekend…do as much as you would like of the following:

Squat:  A) Work to 3 sets of 5 @75-80% training max and/or B) Work to 5 sets of 8 @50% training max

Push: A)  Overhead press–Work to 7 sets of 2 @75-80% training max and/or B) Bench press–Work to 5 sets of 8-10 @60% Press training max

Pull: A) Deadlift–work to 3 sets of 3 @75-80% training max and/or B) Barbell Rows, 5 sets of 10

* Note: do not do A and B from same group on same day

Conditioning: A) 5-7 rounds of 1 minute Row and rest as needed to repeat and/or B) 3 rounds of 2 min bike (hard), 4 min bike (easy)

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