They Should Arrest You or Whoever Dressed You

Monday, October 27, 2014
Warmup (5 min):
General w.u then
Shoulders: 1) Rack pos, 2) Doorway/Pole Stretch
Skill (10 min): Push press
1) PVC, 2) Light weight 3×3
Strength (25 min): Press, sets of 5-8 @50-65%
*Work rack position and abdominal brace
Between sets: 1) DB Clean (1x), Press from Split Pos (3x)|
2) Med ball toss from split (10/side with partner)
Conditioning (10 min): 4 rounds
20 KB Swings, 10 Goblet Squats, 5 reverse lunges/leg wKB in rack position
Rest 1 min
:30 max pushups, to full extension
Stretch (10 min):
1) DB Romanian Deadlifts, 3-5 sets of 6-10
2) Ring Row holds–top of rep, 10-15 seconds

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Run, push, carry
Rounds of 200-400m run, 1-2 prowler pushes, 1-2 farmer’s carries (lot)
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Warmup/Skill work/Strength and Power (45 minutes)
Warmup with 30-60 seconds KB swings, 15-30 seconds air squats
Then skill work: Sumo DL with PVC pipe
Then rounds of
Sumo DL, 2-3 reps beginning with light weight and adding 5-10% each set
DB Press from Split Position, 5-8 reps
KB Step Up onto stack of two pink bumpers (53/35, racked like goblet squat), 3-5 reps/leg
Jumprope, 30-60 seconds
Farmer’s Carry, parking lot down and back w/farmer’s bars (95/65)
Med Ball Overhead Toss W/partner, 10 reps/person
Conditioning/Cooldown (15 minutes)
1) 2 rounds of :15 max goblet squats, :20-:35 hold bottom of squat, pushing knees out and hips back
2) 2 rounds of :30 mountain climbers, :15/side of holding bottom lunge pos of mtn climber and pushing knee out
3) RDL, 3-5 sets of 4-7 reps with DBs or KBs

"Heart and Soul" Ryan B just before getting the bar back into his shins and arching his lower back for the pull.
“Heart and Soul” Ryan B just before getting the bar back into his shins and arching his lower back for the pull.

Thursday, October 30
Log Distance: 25-35 min bike, row, jog, jumprope
Foam Roll and KB swings during breaks

Friday, October 31–Halloween Havoc
Warmup (10 min): Maxwell’s Daily Dozen, 3x/movement
(10 seconds jumping jacks between reps)
Skill Work (15 min): Bench Press, Working Foot Positioning and Arch
Empty bar and first warmup sets
Strength (25 min): Bench Press, work to heavy double (85-90%)
Reps follow 5-5-4-3-2 scheme as weight rises abt 10% each set
Conditioning (10 min)–Complete and note times
1) 10-1 Ladder of KB swings and Goblet Squats
2) 40 situps, 25 pushups–broken up however you like
Cooldown (10 min):
1) Supine barbell rows with lat squeeze, 3-5 sets of 6-10
2) Banded triceps kickbacks, 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps

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