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Monday, June 23, 2014
Agile 4–Piriformis Stretch, Fire Hydrants, Mountain Climbers, Hip Flexor Stretch (5 min)
Overhead Work: Push Press, 1-2 reps; Chins 4-8 reps strict or banded; Band work (10 min)
Strength: Squat, 20-50 reps in 20 min (35 min)
*10 min warmup, 20 min work, 5 min cooldown
We will be working to a max in a couple of weeks–over the next two sessions we are going to focus on achievable depth
Between Sets: Ab Work
Side Plank, Broken Tables, Hanging Leg/Knee Raises
Conditioning: 10-7-5-7-10
DB Push Press or Split Jerk
One Handed DB Swing

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Shoulder Shocker (5 min)
Practice: Turkish Get-Up to Bridge, 2-3 reps/side (5 min)
Strength: Bench, 20-50 reps in 20 min (30 min)
*5 min warmup, 20 min work, 5 min cooldown
Between Sets: Rows, Pullaparts, Band, 15-30 sec
Conditioning: “James Paul” (15 min, 12 min cap)
3 rounds of: 30 db snatch (35/20), 100 single unders, 15 burpees

Friday, June 27, 2014
Warmup: PVC Deadlift–Brace, Lats and Triceps
Chalk: How to plan warmup sets on way to max
Strength/Max Effort: Set new PR on deadlift
Aerobic work: If you have additional time, run, row or bike for steady pace

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