Two Summer Desserts

It’s July so here we go–hot town in the summertime!

We’ve already hit you up with the Strongest Summeriest Iced Coffee, so let’s talk about two awesome, healthy desserts to put a nightcap on another great day. They’re simple, sweet, and delicious.

The first one we’ll call Blueberry-Comb. You’ll need some frozen blueberries and a little heavy cream. Maybe some cinnamon to top it off. Portion out a cup of the frozen blueberries into a bowl, then pour a splash or two of the heavy cream on top. You’ll see that the cream quickly freezes over the berries and makes a really neat, honeycomb-looking pattern on top of the fruit. Spoon that Blueberry-Comb out like ice cream and enjoy!

The second involves some protein powder and Greek Yogurt. We don’t have a name for this one because it really does depend on the flavors you use–we’re partial to Ascent Chocolate Peanut Butter OR Cappucino flavored whey protein and Chobani Whole Milk Greek yogurt, but really any scoop of protein and serving of Greek yogurt will do. Mix it together, and for an extra treat spoon in a little wild honey or maple syrup.

Remember, these are summer desserts. We don’t need to break out the scale and an abacus for treats we enjoy once in a while, especially if we’re rocking some healthy fruits, fats, and proteins to support our active lifestyles!

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