Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Warmup (10 min): Trainer’s Choice
Strength Capacity Circuit (30 min): 4-6 rounds of
1. Bench/Press/Push Press 50-60% x 4-7 reps (leaving 2-3 reps in tank each set)
2. 10 box jumps, step down
2a. 12 single leg glute bridges/side
3. Band Pushdowns, 15 reps (Blue/Red)
4. Row 200m
Conditioning (20 min): “Hell Diablo”
200 kb swings, 100 goblet squats for time
Level 1: 5 rounds of 20 kb swings, 10 goblet squats done in 10 min total
Level 2: Rx reps, broken up however
Rx: Rx reps, 53/35, broken up however
Rx PLUS: Must include a 50 swing set and a 25 squat set


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