Week of August 12

We’re going to try getting the week’s work up in advance and see if that makes things easier/better/more convenient for folks who are planning out their week, or traveling, or just would love this information in advance.  As always, would love your feedback on this format.  Does it help?

Monday, Aug 12
Warmup 20.20
Prehab: 3 of 5 @ 3×10: Split Squats, Single Leg Glute Bridges, Banded Walks, Goblet Squats, V-Ups (Sit to V)
Strength: Squat 40 reps in 20 minutes after a 5-7 min warmup–work from sets of 8 to 5 to 2-3, get 40 reps total above 60%
Conditioning: “Tim Vs. Craig”–100 single unders, Run 1 mile, 25 db squats

Tuesday, Aug 13
Olympic Lifting work: Snatch 7×2, Clean & Jerk 6×1, all work at 70-80%, go down or up as rep crispness dictates

Wednesday, Aug 14
Warmup 20.20
Prehab: 3 of 5 @ 3×10: Band Pullaparts, Face Pulls, Light Barbell Rows, Ring Rows, Chinups
Strength: Overhead Press, work to 7-10 doubles @80-90%
Assistance Work btw sets: DB Bench Press, 3×10
Conditioning:  Sprint Work–Rounds of 1 Hand Farmers’ (Mat & Back), 20 KB Swings, Parking Lot Sprint

Thursday, Aug 15
Olympic Lifting work: Snatch From High Hang & Below the Knee 8×1-1, Clean 10 on minute for 10 min, 60-70%

Friday, Aug 16
Warmup 20.20
Skill Work: Power Snatch
Practice: Power Snatch, Sets of 3
Conditioning: “James Paul” (Leaderboard Work)
3 rounds of 30 db snatches (#35/20), 100 single unders, 15 burpees

Saturday, Aug 17
Olympic class:  Snatch from Below The Knee & Ground, 7×1-1, Clean & Jerk work to heavy single (full squat, perfect rep)
10 AM class: 20.20 Warmup, Medball Rotational & Throw Work then Bench/Chin/Row–3 rounds of BW (135/95/65/45) Bench Max Reps & Chinup or Row (135/95/65/45) Max Reps.  Finish w/800-1600m running.

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