What If?

What if?

What if you were already good enough?  Before you walked into the new gym, or the new class, or tried a new movement?

What if you were already good enough to be there?

What if you saw yourself the way those who love you already do?  Wouldn’t they tell you they were proud of you?  Wouldn’t they say ‘great job’ and ‘you’ve got this’ and ‘go for it’?

They would, right?  Your kids would want to be just like you, no matter how nervous or scared you might feel.

What if you knew how much it means to everyone else in the room that you show up, lift the weights, and do the work?  What if you knew how many people look up to YOU?

What if?

What if knew you were the model to a new athlete?  Yes you, only one or two months into your journey.  What if you heard them telling their coach how strong you looked and wondering if they would ever catch up to you?

What if you knew how many people were rooting for you?  What if you knew how many people smiled when they said your name and talked about what you did in class today?

What if you rooted for yourself as hard as you rooted for everyone else?  What if you said ‘come on, let’s do this’ and listened to your own voice?  What if you were your own biggest booster?

What if?

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